Deadline for abstracts submission
Oct 1st, 2018

Deadline for manuscripts submission
Mar 28, 2019


1st. Go to the web site of the conference in the application EasyChair by making a link to: This link drives you to the following login page:


2nd. If you do not have a user account in EasyChair, you need to click on “create an account”. Then the following windows will appear:

- STEP1 window

step 2

- STEP2 window

step 3

3rd. In order to end the process, you need to activate your EasyChair account. Once you have entered the data requested in the STEP2 window and clicked on Continue, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address linked to your EasyChair account. The link included in the e-mail received will take you to the following page:

step 4

4th. Enter the requested data and pick on Create my account

5th. If the login name chosen is available in EasyChair, the following window will appear:

step 5

Now everything is ready for you to submit your abstract to ICRM2019

6th. To submit an abstract you can use the link click here in the previous window or the ICRM2019 link given in the first point of these instructions. Type your EasyChair username and password in the login window that you access from anyone of these links, click on login and then you will get the following window:

step 6

7th. Pick on enter as an author. A window will be open where you have to introduce data of all the authors, including e-mail address and affiliation, title and abstract of the contribution as plain text, keywords and the conference topic that you think better fit to the contribution you are sending. You may also choose the type of contribution: oral or poster. Finally, you are required to upload the contribution in WORD format (yes!, in WORD format, even although the EasyChair application says that papers must be load in pdf format) using the template provided in the SUBMISSION button, found in the web page of the conference. Please, title and abstract in the template uploaded have to coincide with the ones written directly on the EasyChair form. When you filled out fully the form, press the submit button to end the submission.

The window “New submission for ICRM2019” containing the form to fill is shown below:

step 7 step 8

8th. Finally, if no errors occur, the following window will appear:

step 9

You and the rest of authors will receive a confirmation e-mail as the following one:

From: ICRM2019 ‪-
Date: 2018-07-17 21:12 GMT+02:00
Subject: ICRM2019 submission 21
To: Lorena Vazquez-Canelas

Dear authors,

We received your paper:

Authors : Lorena Vazquez-Canelas

Title : Gamma spectrometry with segmented Ge detectors

Number : 21

The paper was submitted by Lorena Vazquez-Canelas

Thank you for submitting to ICRM2019.

Best regards,
EasyChair for ICRM2019.



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